Trail running in the alps
Alprunning: the ultimate trail run experience in the Alps


Dachstein hiking

25th - 30th of june 2024

 € 625.-

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Dachstein Advanced

30th of  June - 5th of  Juli 2024 

€ 625.-

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Alprunning Expert

14th - 21st of September 2024 

€ 1.250

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Wallis Advanced

8th - 13th September

€ 1.050

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Wallis Trail and Photo Week

29th September - 4th October

From € 2.010

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MountainFit programme

Do you want to get fit for your goals on the trails or in the mountains? Or are you a runner looking to work on your endurance professionally? Then check out the MountainFit programme.

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Alprunning: The Ultimate Trailrun Experience in the Alps!

Whether you are a seasoned trailrunner or just starting out in trailrunning, you have come to the right place with Alprunning. The small-scale trips offer the ultimate 'mountain running' experience in the breathtaking and challenging environment of the Alps.
Discover your next trailrunning adventure with Alprunning. Any trail runner of any level is welcome to join me in conquering the mountains and creating unforgettable memories.


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